Indian Sub-Continent Airports

Capital Investment Programmes 2013

The latest edition of this detailed up-to-the-minute report summarises capital investment programmes, expansion plans and possible future developments at international and national airports in the Indian sub-continent. It reflects the latest projects and policies to adapt the region’s air transport infrastructure to the demands of fast growing passenger and cargo traffic, especially in India, where the pace of airport development is being driven by economic growth, with GDP expected to increase at 8 percent annually.
Covering 75 airports in India and 24 in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the report outlines the current status at each facility and where applicable provides details of major investment and development programmes, including available project cost data and timescales. In the case of India, there are also pointers to other airport projects that have yet to be approved. Government agencies responsible for airports strategy are also covered.
In India, a recent independent report estimated that expenditure of USD 40 billion on airport infrastructure would be needed by 2025 to meet the needs of growing airline traffic.
This Brooks Market Intelligence Report provides suppliers of airport systems, technologies and services with an essential guide to India’s fast-growing market and to planned developments in neighbouring countries.