North American Airports - Canada and the United States

Capital Investment Programmes - 2012

Commercial air traffic in North America has begun to recover from recent global economic conditions. And while the 1.8% increase in passenger numbers recorded in 2011 is outstripped by 4.8% growth worldwide, airports in Canada and the US are now looking ahead by investing in their infrastructure to accommodate future demand.
In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration predicts growth of 45% in commercial flights over the next 30 years. Canada is also preparing for increased airport movements, with major investments in progress or planned at many of its principal hubs.
To assist the sector’s suppliers to understand the significant opportunities created by the industry’s preparations for future traffic growth, this detailed up-to-the-minute report summarises capital investment programmes and planned developments at 24 principal airports in Canada and 88 in the US. It outlines the current status at each location and provides details of major development programmes, with project cost data and timescales where available. Key contacts and website addresses for the agencies responsible are also included.
In addition, the report summarises recent traffic trends at leading airports in Canada and the US.
Specially commissioned and compiled by an independent analyst, the report is aimed at a wide range of companies seeking to provide airport services, technology and equipment.