The UK Rail Market 2012


Britain’s rail network remains the fastest growing in Europe and is benefiting from substantial investments to enable it to handle future forecasted growth. The UK Rail Market 2012 provides a concise overview of its structure, participants and committed programmes. Reflecting key government policy initiatives, as well as other major industry developments, the report is an invaluable concise guide to the complexities of the UK’s rail market.
Content of the report includes summarised details of the latest version of Network Rail’s spending plans up to 2014 and the status of preparations for the investment plan for the five years after that, known as Control Period 5. It also covers enhancements to the national network, including the planned high-speed rail system, the recently expanded programme to electrify several key routes and other major projects.
Also covered is an up-to-date overview of passenger rail franchises, including the latest traffic figures, non-franchised passenger operators and principal freight train operating companies. The report additionally covers the railway system in Northern Ireland.
A section on Transport for London covers London Underground, London Overground and Docklands Light Railway, as well as the Crossrail cross-city line. UK light rail and light metro systems are also summarised.
Coverage of rolling stock procurement includes summaries of current vehicle purchasing programmes. The report is completed by a sector-by-sector guide to principal suppliers to the UK rail market.
The report’s content includes numerous links to organisation websites and to key documents, enabling users to research specialist topics more deeply. The report’s contents reflect the status as at October 2012.