North American Intercity and High-Speed Rail 2011


Prompted by both economic and environmental factors, the Obama administration has implemented steps to kick-start investment in intercity and high-speed rail in the USA – in many cases in the face of public scepticism and political hostility.
This timely report defines current US intercity rail operations and summarises investment plans by incumbent operator Amtrak. It details future prospects for the country’s principal intercity route, the Washington-New York-Boston Northeast Corridor, and examines President Obama’s High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Program. Still active high-speed plans in California and the shelved Florida project are also discussed.
The report additionally covers intercity and long-distance passenger rail in Canada, with a review of the status of VIA Rail Canada and its immediate investment plans, plus an overview of projects and proposals put forward to expand and enhance the network.
Website addresses are included where appropriate to assist further research.