Airports in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Capital Investment Programmes - 2013

Much of Russia’s air transport system is experiencing steady traffic growth, thanks to a strengthening economy and a general rise in the prosperity of its citizens. This is providing a stimulus for continuing investment in the country’s airport infrastructure. To varying degrees, airports in the country’s neighbours in the Commonwealth of Independent States are being similarly upgraded, generating further significant business opportunities for the sector’s suppliers.
The latest edition of this detailed up-to-the-minute report summarises capital investment programmes at 70 principal airports in the Russian Federation and in the 11 countries that are either CIS members or affiliates, providing insights into some of the less well documented commercial aviation markets. The report outlines the current status at each location and provides details of major development programmes. Project cost data and timescales are included where available. Also outlined is the regulatory environment in each country, along with key contacts and website addresses for airports and relevant agencies.
Specially commissioned and compiled by an independent analyst and generally reflecting the status in early 2013, the report is aimed at a wide range of companies seeking to provide airport services, technology and equipment in a region which is benefiting from substantial investment.