The Fastener Market in Russia

An Overview - January 2012

Russia is the largest country in the world and continues to play an important role in the global economy and as a participant in major global economic fora.
The market demand for fasteners continues to be strong, despite the sharp arrest of the construction boom in Moscow and other cities resulting from the 2009 global financial crisis.
The potential of the Russian market for fasteners is significant. High import duties in Russia and high demand for quality products create great incentives for local manufacturing to invest, improve standards and increase manufacturing efficiency. There are strong opportunities in sectors such as construction and automotive in Russia. The increasing localisation of automotive component production facilities in Russia will also increase the demand for fasteners.
This report reviews the Russian economic, social and political situation and provides invaluable information on the fastener industry, in particular such fastener users as the automotive, rail and aerospace, construction, defence and electronics industry.
It assesses market challenges and opportunities, new fastening initiatives in Russia and provides useful sources to assist further research.