The Rail Market in France 2010


The French government’s commitment to the continuing development of both its national railway network and effective public transport systems in its major cities and towns is put into sharp perspective in this latest market sector report from Brooks Market Intelligence.
In summarising major developments to the country’s rail infrastructure, this up-to-the –minute report outlines the status of all planned additions to the already highly successful high-speed system as well as detailing other significant main line network enhancements.
France is also benefiting from a continuing boom in the construction or extension of light rail and metro systems. All current live projects are covered in the report, including implementation timetables and costs where known.
In addition, The Rail Market in France covers the activities and resources of principal main line train operators, including the country’s national rail company SNCF, and provides an overview of the prevailing government and regulatory environment.
Website addresses are included for most undertakings and projects to assist further research.