Rail, Metro and Tram Networks in Russia - 2014

At more than 85,000 route-km, Russia’s national railway network is the second most extensive in the world. Progress continues to restructure the once monolithic system, leading to increasing private sector participation, modernisation of assets and construction of new lines. Between now and 2030, spending of some USD450 billion is expected as Russia’s railway system responds to traffic increases forecast at 70% for the freight sector and 30% for passenger travel.
This report brings together a wide range of information to provide an up-to-the-minute overview of the current structure of Russia’s railway network and its principal operator Russian Railways (RZD), including its 16 operating divisions. It also includes a detailed review of the increasingly competitive and vitally important railfreight sector, plus the restructured passenger business.
Current major infrastructure projects are summarised, including Russia’s planned high-speed lines, and principal rolling stock suppliers and their principal vehicle programmes are listed, including details of significant international collaborations.
The report also covers metro and tram systems in Russia, detailing network characteristics and development plans.
Contact details and website addresses are included for most undertakings and projects to assist further research. The report also includes valuable background insights to assist understanding of the present situation.