Airports in South-East and East Asia

Capital Investment Programmes - 2014

The countries covered in this report from Brooks Market Intelligence form a large part of the Asia-Pacific region, which has now become the world’s biggest aviation market, having overtaken that in North America. Its share of world passenger traffic in 2013 was 30 percent, with cargo traffic accounting for 39 percent. Passenger traffic grew by an average of 7.4 percent in 2013 to 1.44 billion, with aircraft movements up by 5.9 percent to 11.7 million.
Positive developments in relations between China and Taiwan and moves towards adoption of a proposed single ‘open-sky’ aviation market in the ASEAN region should further boost development of air traffic. Civil aviation and airport authorities are responding to these forecasts with major investments aimed at enhancing their air transport infrastructure, generating significant opportunities for the sector’s suppliers.
This fully updated and expanded 2014 report summarises capital investment programmes and plans at 99 principal airports in 14 countries, from Myanmar in the west, Malaysia and Indonesia in the south and Korea and Japan in the east*. The report outlines the current status at each location and provides details of major development programmes, with project cost data and timescales where available. Key contacts and website addresses for additional research are also included.
Specially commissioned and compiled by an independent analyst, the report is aimed at a wide range of companies seeking to provide airport services, technology and equipment. The data contained in the report reflects the status of developments in mid-2014.
* Airport developments in China are covered by a separate report in this series.