The Rail Market in Poland 2014

Europe’s third largest rail network and one that continues to see major modernisation and change. And as well as benefiting from EU financial support for projects to upgrade its railway system, Poland has also enthusiastically embraced concepts like devolved regional responsibility for provision of passenger services and open access for railfreight companies. 
The country’s railway network also forms a key element of the continent’s wider transport system, acting as a transit crossroads for both north-south and east-west traffic, and this is one of the driving forces in modernisation plans.
This up-to-date report summarises the political and regulatory environment in which the network functions and provides insights into planned infrastructure developments.  It lists all train operators active in 2014, including regional and local passenger companies and open access freight carriers, with contact and fleet details.
The report additionally details the status of all current tram systems in Poland, including fleet summaries and development plans, and also covers Warsaw’s metro.
Website addresses are included to assist further research.