Airports in Latin America and the Caribbean Region

Capital Investment Programmes - 2014

This latest report from Brooks Market Intelligence covers current airport developments in a very large region embracing Central America, South America and the Caribbean area. It includes extensive coverage of Brazil, previously the subject of a separate report, and provides updates on projects and plans in 46 other countries and sovereign territories.  
Air transport in this region has grown quickly in recent years and forecasts indicate that this trend will continue. The strongest increase in traffic will be in South America, where annual growth rates are expected to average 7.0 percent. In Brazil in particular, air travel has doubled in the last 10 years and the country’s airports now handle nearly 200 million passengers annually. These numbers will be further boosted in the short term by the country’s selection to host the FIFA World Cup football competition in 2014 and by the choice of Rio de Janeiro to stage the Olympic Games in 2016.
To cope with increasing demand, many government agencies and airport authorities are making major investments aimed at raising the capacity and quality of the countries’ air transport infrastructure, in many cases with increasing levels of private sector participation.
This report summarises capital investment programmes at more than 80 airports across this entire region, outlining traffic figures, recent developments and the current status at each location. In addition it outlines major improvement projects, with costs and timescales where available. It also contains details of the agencies responsible for airport development in each country. Key contacts and website addresses for additional research are included.
Compiled by an independent analyst, the report is aimed at a wide range of companies seeking to provide airport services, technology and equipment or to analyse developments and trends in the sector. The data contained in the report reflects the status of developments in early 2014.