Airports in Africa

Capital Investment Programmes - 2014

The 2014 edition of this report from Brooks Market Intelligence provides the latest insights into airport development projects and plans in Africa. While accounting for only small percentage of global air traffic, the continent’s airports saw encouraging growth of 7.5% in passenger numbers in 2012.
Economic growth and increasing tourism in some parts of the continent are contributing to this growth, which is providing a stimulus in many countries for expanding and enhancing airport facilities. The participation of China in airport construction activity as well as assisting with finance is also of significance.
This detailed up-to-the-minute report summarises capital investment programmes and projects at more than 80 airports in 54 African countries, extending from the Maghreb in the north to South Africa. It outlines traffic trends, agencies responsible for airport management and development and the current status at each location, as well as providing details of major improvement programmes with project cost data and timescales where known. Key contacts and website addresses for additional research are included.
Specially commissioned and compiled by an independent analyst, the report is aimed at a wide range of companies seeking to provide airport services, technology and equipment. The data contained in the report reflects the status of developments in late 2013.