The Rail Market in Southeast Asia 2013


This new study from Brooks Market Intelligence Reports provides a concise and up-to-date overview of current principal main line and urban rail projects in 10 countries in Southeast Asia.
Strong economic growth in this region is providing a stimulus for the development of transport infrastructure, with a strong focus on mass transit systems and on faster and better main line rail links within and between individual countries – including high-speed networks.
Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are all implementing significant projects, while major enhancements to urban systems are planned in busy metropolitan conurbations like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. At the same time, a rail revival is taking place in Cambodia, and Laos, until now without a railway, is poised to be linked to its neighbours by a growing regional network.
Reflecting the situation in mid-2013, this report outlines the key characteristics of each project, its status and planned implementation timescale, and its cost where known. It also identifies the organisations and agencies responsible for implementation.
Southeast Asia is already a key market for rail industry suppliers. The long-term nature of rail developments in the region confirms that it will be of continuing international importance. This report offers a unique introductory guide to potential business opportunities generated by the substantial levels of investment being made in many new rail and mass transit projects in progress or planned.