The Rail Market in Brazil - 2012


Brazil’s emerging and rapidly developing economy is providing a boost for its rail network, where freight traffic is seeing annual growth of 10%. This is prompting significant investment in new rail infrastructure, with more than 4,500 km of new lines planned, primarily for freight.
Brazil’s major cities are also benefiting from new or expanded urban rail networks, with the country’s status as host for the 2014 Soccer World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games providing an added stimulus for investment. There are also longer term plans to introduce high-speed rail to Brazil.
This report provides a concise overview of the structure of the country’s railway system and the political and regulatory environment in which the network functions. It outlines planned major infrastructure projects and lists all rail freight train operators active in 2012. Passenger operators are also summarised.
In the urban rail sector, the report provides a city-by-city overview of all current or planned rail, metro, light rail and monorail systems in Brazil.
Website addresses are included for most undertakings to assist further research.