The UK Rail Report 2019

The UK Rail Report 2019 documents a year (2017-18) of great activity within the rail industry. The huge investment in infrastructure continued, with measurable progress on all sorts of projects including Crossrail, HS2, Derby Re-signalling and the nationwide programme of electrification. From a PR point of view, however, the industry came under fire for a number of reasons, notably due to strikes and protests over driver-only operated (DOO) trains, which the unions are strongly opposed to. The introduction of the new timetable in May 2018 also caused major disruption to services for passengers across the country. In spite of this, passenger numbers continued to rise, while safety for those working on and using the railway also improved slightly. As the year came to a close, Mark Carne stepped down from his position as Chief Executive of Network Rail, succeeded by Andrew Haines. This marks the end of an era, as virtually the whole of Mr Carne’s tenure was during CP5. The UK Rail Report 2019 looks ahead to some of the opportunities and issues awaiting the industry during CP6.