The UK Rail Report 2018

The UK Rail Report 2018 presents a detailed and impartial picture of the industry in the present day, with statistics that compare the performance of Network Rail and the various operating companies over the last year with that of recent years. On 12th October 2017, Chris Grayling unveiled the latest stage in the government’s record investment in Britain’s railway. Two months later, in a keynote speech on 6th December, he outlined how future rail franchises will have to create integrated operating teams between TOCs and Network Rail. In between, the autumn budget added detail to the money being put into the UK railway for CP6. The focus of the investment should help to address the root causes of why some of Network Rail’s recent projects have gone over budget and experienced programme slippage, causing a raft of negative press. As detailed within this report, Mark Carne has responded to the Hanford Review of June 2017, and the other government reviews, opening the way for third party investment to ensure projects have the highest likelihood of delighting all stakeholders throughout works – and upon completion. All of this should bode well for the travelling public in the coming years. Major projects are taking place throughout the UK, with the Ordsall Chord in Manchester – part of the government’s Great North Rail Project – having been completed in December. During the 2016/17 period, passenger journey numbers increased on virtually all railway services, trams and light rail systems throughout England and Scotland, in some cases significantly.