North American Intercity and High-Speed Rail 2013


With the first contracts awarded to create a high-speed rail system in California, there is cautious optimism that this showcase project may convert sceptics in the US and lead to more such investment.
Amtrak has also updated its plans for the development of the country’s existing principal intercity route, the Washington-New York-Boston Northeast Corridor, while state-funded initiatives are leading to improvements elsewhere, though anticipated funding for President Obama’s High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Program has been slow to appear at a time of economic constraint.
This timely report defines the current status and future plans for US high-speed and intercity rail operations. It summarises investment plans by Amtrak, examines President Obama’s High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Program and discusses the progress of California’s ambitious project.
Also covered in the report is intercity and long-distance passenger rail in Canada, with a review of the status of VIA Rail Canada and its immediate investment plans, plus a summary of other principal passenger operators active in the country.
Website addresses are included where appropriate to assist further research.