The UK Rail Report 2020


The UK Rail Report 2020 documents a productive and rather turbulent year (2018-19) within the rail industry.

Andrew Haines, Network Rail’s Chief Executive, has now served his first full year in office. Given the mandate of delivering a better rail service to passengers, as well as an unprecedented investment of £52 billion of public sector funding, there is a weight of public expectation to see measurable improvements in all areas of the industry.

14 new passenger routes were unveiled by Network Rail as being directly responsible for running and enhancing the local railways. This was in response to a seven-year decline in train performance and passenger service. Punctuality and overcrowding continue to be an issue for many commuters; this document details the best and worst performing operators. It also shows the continuing improvement in safety in many areas of the industry, both from a workforce and a passenger perspective.

The UK Rail Report is an impartial summary of the first year of CP6, containing the successes, shortcomings and statistics that make up the complete picture.