The Rail Market in France 2017

The latest edition of this popular report on the Rail Market in France 2017 provides a concise overview of the structure of France’s national rail system, including the government, funding and regulatory environment, plus key details of the main infrastructure projects that will enhance both high-speed and conventional networks. In addition, it outlines the main businesses within the country’s national operator, SNCF. Also listed are the regional councils that are responsible for specifying levels of service within the areas they represent. The rail market in France is characterised by continuing expansion of its already extensive high-speed network and by increasingly attractive regional services, where greater involvement by local authorities has contributed to traffic growth. The size and diversity of the rail market in France provides great opportunities for suppliers, and while there is a strong and creative domestic industry offering the most advanced technologies, the prospect of challenges from abroad is an increasing concern. Website addresses are included for most undertakings and projects to assist further research.