The Rail Market in Southeast Asia - 2016

Southeast Asia’s rail market is a vibrant and fast-moving sector, with numerous projects continuing in every country across the region as governments respond to pressing requirements to improve railway infrastructure across nations and major cities. This fully revised and updated study from Brooks Market Intelligence Reports provides a concise overview of current principal main line and urban rail projects in 10 countries in Southeast Asia. These range from commuter systems in major metropolitan conurbations to developing national networks . High-speed lines feature, with a link planned between Malaysia and Singapore and positive steps taken to create a core network in Thailand. The Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are also pursuing ambitious network upgrades that seek significant input from international vendors, and there is a growing emphasis on international connections, especially those that lead to China. In the urban sector Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are among many large cities investing heavily in mass transit systems to improve mobility and cut pollution caused by road traffic. Reflecting the situation in late 2015, this report outlines the key characteristics of each project, its status and planned implementation timescale, and its cost where known. It also identifies the organisations and agencies responsible for implementation. Southeast Asia is already a key market for rail industry suppliers but a highly competitive one. The long-term nature of rail developments in the region confirms that it will be of continuing international importance. This report offers a valuable introductory guide to potential business opportunities generated by the many new projects in progress or planned.