The Rail Market in China - 2014


With a network of more than 102,000 route-km that includes the world’s most extensive high-speed system, China’s railways are already the most intensively used in global terms. And growth and development is continuing at a rate that far exceeds that in any other country.
Alongside massive expansion of the main line network, there has also been a boom in the construction of urban rail systems in China’s major conurbations in a bid to provide mobility for its increasingly urbanised population and to reduce road traffic congestion and pollution. This trend is also set to continue.
To meet the needs of these two domestic sectors, the country’s railway supply industry has developed rapidly, both through partnerships with western companies and by finding its own solutions to national market requirements. As a result, China has now become an established exporter of railway equipment to a steadily growing list of countries.
Aimed at businesses and individuals seeking a concise overview of the rail market in China, this up-to-the-minute report outlines the organisational structure and political environment defining the national network, provides key statistics and discusses the system’s infrastructure and its traction and rolling stock fleets, together with development plans for them.
The document details the current status of the country’s urban rail networks, covering a growing number of metro and light rail systems, and summarises plans for new lines and extensions. It also includes a section outlining the structure and capabilities of China’s railway supply industry.
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