Investments in Russia's Transport Infrastructure - 2014

Russia is rapidly developing its transport infrastructure to make good decades of underinvestment and to meet the needs of a growing economy and the increasing mobility of its citizens.
The rail network, highways, ports and the inland waterways system are all benefiting from high levels of spending under The Federal Target Programme Development of the Russian Transport System 2010-2020. The network of gas and oil pipelines is also being expanded as Russia continues to exploit its economically vital natural resources.
This new publication from Brooks Market Intelligence Reports provides an overview of the background environment against which Russia is modernising its transport infrastructure and summarises the main projects currently in progress in each sector. A section of the report is devoted to moves to create logistics hubs.
Aimed at companies and organisations seeking a clearer understanding of the rapid changes taking place in Russia’s transport networks, the report includes website links for the many agencies leading investments and development to provide contact information and enable users to conduct further research.