Airports in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Capital Investment Programmes

Russia and its neighbours in the Commonwealth of Independent States are investing heavily in airport infrastructure. This is both to cope with an expected revival in growth of air traffic following the recent economic downturn and to make good the legacy of underinvestment that followed the Soviet era. As a result, major investments are taking place or are planned to enhance the region's air transport infrastructure, generating significant opportunities for the sector's suppliers. This detailed up-to-the-minute report summarises capital investment programmes at 76 principal airports in Russia and in the 11-member CIS, outlining the current status at each location and providing details of major development programmes, with project cost data and timescales where available. Key contacts and website addresses are also included. Specially commissioned and compiled by an independent analyst, the report is aimed at a wide range of companies seeking to provide airport services, technology and equipment in a region which is benefiting from substantial investment, with numerous opportunities for foreign companies and suppliers.